Seasonal allergies may be easily solved with one sniff

Imagine you’re feeling miserable, suffering from seasonal allergies. If someone suggests you sniff powdered plant extract into your nostrils, you might think they’re crazy.

After all, plants are the source of your misery. And you already have a powdered plant extract up your nose. It’s called “pollen.” And it’s your sworn enemy.

But here’s the catch… The REAL source of your misery is not pollen.

In most people with seasonal allergies, the misery is caused by what’s NOT happening in the nasal passages.

A layer of mucus protects your nasal passages from pollen, dust, mold spores, etc. When mucus production is low, your protection is also low.

Some years ago, a UK engineer named Mike James formulated an organic powered plant extract.

I first told you about Nasaleze 10 years ago. When the extract is sniffed into the nose, it creates a gel that protects the nasal passages, just like mucus.

Numerous studies have proved the effectiveness of Nasaleze in adults. Two years ago, that research began to include children.

During a six-week trial, nearly all the kids who used Nasaleze reduced allergy symptoms better than those who took conventional treatments.

That lead to an interesting development…Junior Nasaleze with a strawberry flavor. And that made me wonder… A flavor? For a nose powder?

I had a friend try it and she said “It’s somewhere between a flavor and an aroma. Very subtle.”

There’s no dosage difference between original Nasaleze and the new version because there are no active ingredients — not in a medicinal sense anyway. That also means there are no side effects — none for kids. None for adults.

How many allergy-relief products can say THAT?

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