Mayor Bloomberg's breast-feeding frenzy

It seems New York Mayor Bloomberg might be even crazier than I thought. Since he can’t run for office again (unless he manages to change the law a second time), it seems he has decided to anoint himself supreme leader.

His ban on big sodas — perhaps as a first step in an attempt to just ban obesity outright — raised a lot of eyebrows and a lot of objections. But that’s nothing compared to the hornet’s nest he’s just kicked.

Apparently, the Mayor is obsessed with cup sizes. So this time he’s taking on new mothers.

In what might be the single stupidest piece of legislation one can imagine, Bloomberg is literally locking up baby formula at hospitals to try to force women to breast-feed. I can’t imagine imposing your own views on a more personal decision.

The campaign is called “Latch on, New York.” Well, Mr. Mayor…latch on to this…

Yes, breast-feeding is healthier for the baby and the mother. But the city and the state have no place in the decision whether to go natural or use formula.

As I’m writing this, I started listing the reasons some women choose not to breast-feed. But then I stopped. They don’t matter. What matters is that the mayor is creating a police state in New York. And one that is all too focused on what and how much people drink — from the minute their born.

Mr. Mayor, you may be focused on drinking but all this insanity makes me wonder what you might be smoking.

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