Girls suffer when the mainstream pretends Gardasil dangers don't exist

Putting the “vent” in prevention

Read all about it! Well… Not ALL about it.

Apparently, side effects are off limits.

Yesterday I told you about a new Gardasil HPV vaccine study. Reports from the mainstream media were glowing. Literally. They intentionally painted a warm, rosy light around the vaccine.

Side effects? What side effects? You might get the impression that Gardasil causes none at all.

This is an appalling oversight. As we already know, Gardasil can trigger harsh and debilitating side effects in some women.

But here’s the tip off that this system of “prevention” is completely broken. Detecting and curing cervical cancer is much simpler and more effective than treating Gardasil side effects.

Willful ignorance

An HSI member named Joe in Whitby, Ontario, Canada, writes…

“Jenny, you might be interested in this item from our little local paper. The larger newspapers have not picked it up yet (nor do I expect them to). But it’s one of the few times that I have seen this discussed in the media (and this is a small market paper).”

Joe nailed it. You’ll rarely see a major media outlet reporting about the worst of Gardasil side effects. Small town papers give us most of this coverage since they care more about local families than big drug companies.

The article Joe sent features Kaitlyn, a healthy, athletic 8th grader. This past fall, Kaitlyn began to feel sharp aches and pains. They started in her knees and hips, then spread throughout her body. Walking became difficult. She wasn’t able to participate in the sports she loved.

She says, “It was like having to say goodbye to my life.”

Doctors told her she had sports injuries or growing pains. They prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs.

Finally, a naturopathic doctor spotted a pattern. He noticed that Kaitlyn’s pains began after she received the first of three Gardasil shots. Suddenly the pieces came together. Kaitlyn has a known sensitivity to aluminum and heavy metals. Aluminum isn’t a heavy metal, but it is a neurotoxin. It’s also a key ingredient in Gardasil. Each dose contains 225 mcg.

In tracking the progress of Kaitlyn’s pains, it was clear that her condition grew worse with each dose.

This was tremendously frustrating for Kaitlyn’s mother. She had informed the nurse about her daughter’s aluminum sensitivity before Kaitlyn received the first dose. The nurse gave her a vaccine information packet, but it didn’t include a single word about ingredients or the possible severe side effects.

This is where the information disconnect causes a system break down.

Researchers, the media, doctors, nurses, school officials — it seems nobody wants to address the reality that some girls have intense adverse reactions to Gardasil. They’ve decided there’s no danger, so they’re not taking extra care to protect vulnerable young girls.

Meanwhile, the families of these girls who suffer bad reactions are on their own. Like Kaitlyn and her mom, they go from doctor to doctor, struggling to find a way back to normalcy. Some make it. But sadly, some don’t. Many girls have died after Gardasil shots, while others endure permanent disabilities.

Kaitlyn is one of the lucky ones. She’s on a detox program that includes weekly intravenous vitamins. She’s not 100% yet, but doing better.

The bitter irony is that she never needed the vaccine in the first place. A commitment to a yearly pap smear is all that’s necessary. No side effects. No harm. Just protection.

“Vaccine a sore spot for Whitby teen” Kristen Calis, Durham Region, 6/26/12,

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