Improve memory AND heart health with these two supplements

“Popping pills may pave way to good memory”

When I saw that headline I thought, “Oh brother. Now what? Statins for memory? Aspirin? Prozac?”

But…surprise! The headline refers to folic acid and vitamin B-12 supplements.

Much better!

Researchers tested 900 seniors with mental distress. Subjects received placebo or folic acid and vitamin B-12 daily for two years.

In memory tests, subjects in the B-12/folic acid group improved. Subjects in the placebo group did not.

These two supplements also benefit heart health. They reduce homocysteine. That’s the amino acid that promotes artery plaque. And this same benefit is most likely behind the memory advantages.

A few years ago, Oxford researchers gave memory tests to more than 2,100 seniors. Subjects who tested poorly had higher.

You may already be taking these “memory pills.” If so, the most pronounced side effect will be a healthier heart.

“Popping pills may pave way to good memory” Adam Cresswell, The Australian, 12/9/10,

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