Drug labeling problems start with a shocking list of side effects

It’s a stubborn problem that has drug company executives and FDA officials befuddled. They can’t quite figure out how to organize drug product labels to make them easy to read and understand.

What they’d rather not admit is that this problem would be so much easier to solve if it weren’t for all those pesky adverse side effects that need to be included on the label.

To get a bead on the side effects situation, Indiana University researchers examined thousands of labels for different drugs, and they came up with some remarkable results…

The 200 most-prescribed drugs in the U.S. average more than 100 adverse events EACH!

And one of those warning labels weighed in with 525 potential side effects.

And with that, I believe the researchers may have inadvertently identified a brand new adverse side effect: adverse side effect fatigue.

“The Problem With Labeling: Too Many Side Effects” Ed Silverman, Pharmalot, 5/25/11, pharmalot.com

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