Important new risk revealed for diabetes patients

Several years ago I told you about the link between diabetes and liver cancer. Two different studies showed that diabetics may be as much as three times more likely to develop liver cancer compared to non-diabetics.

New research expands on those studies, and I’m afraid the news isn’t good.

A recent CDC study shows that diabetics are at greater risk of developing several types of cancer, including cancers of the colon, breast, pancreas, kidney, prostate, and leukemia.

In addition, other research shows that as cancer patients, diabetics have less chance of survival compared to non-diabetics.

If you’re diabetic, there are two key lifestyle changes you can make that will help control blood sugar and reduce your risk of cancer: 1) Maintain a proper body weight, and 2) If you’re a smoker, stop immediately.

Whether you’re diabetic or not, these can be enormously difficult changes to make and sustain over the long term. But for survival and high quality of life, they’re a must.

“People with diabetes more likely to get cancer” Kerry Grens, Reuters Health, 5/12/11,

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