Heaping your dinner plate higher and higher is a trend that goes WAY back

The USDA estimates that since 1970, average daily calorie intake in the U.S. has increased by nearly 25 percent.

But this calorie-climbing trend apparently goes back much further than 40 years.

Cornell University researchers examined 52 of the most well known paintings of The Last Supper. More than 1,000 years separated the earliest painting from the most recent.

As they report in the International Journal of Obesity, plate size and entrée size enlarged by about two-thirds over the millennium.

Bread size increased too — by nearly 25 percent.

Looks like we’ve taken the multiplying of fish and loaves just a bit too far.

“Even in ‘Last Supper,’ Portion Sizes Have Grown” Randy Dotinga, HealthDay News, 3/23/10, healthday.com

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