How NOT to reinvent the taco

When we last checked in with Taco Bell, TB executives were reeling — scrambling to spin damage control after the filing of a class action lawsuit claiming that the chain’s ground beef contained too much filler to be called beef.

That was last February. And even though the lawsuit was dropped, Taco Bell’s business took a nose dive over the following months.

This would be a good place to point out that TB execs did NOT take my advice to play up the fact that a small percentage of their ground beef contains oats.

Come on, Taco Bell! It was a gift! Oats reduce cholesterol. When life gives you oats, make oat health claims.

But no…

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, Taco Bell is gearing up to “reinvent the taco” in 2012.

The first shots of this taco revolution are being fired in Toledo, OH, in Bakersfield, CA, and in Fresno, CA. These Taco Bell test markets are currently offering a taco with a shell made of nacho cheese-flavored Doritos.

It’s called the Doritos Locos Taco.

NRN describes it as “the mythical creation of some dorm room junk-food-crazed daydream.”

Hmmm… That kind of sounds like the window of opportunity has slammed shut on going with any oats claims for a healthier taco.

“Taco Bell looks to ‘reinvent the taco'” Lisa Jennings, Nation’s Restaurant News, 10/6/11,

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