How would you like your burger? Rare, well-done, or man-made?

I hope you like your burgers rare, because scientists in The Netherlands are cooking up a burger right now that won’t be ready for another year.

So much for fast food!

What’s the holdup? They’re growing the burger from scratch, using a few thousand stem cells extracted from cattle.

That’s right — it’s man-made meat. And by mid-century, when you put on your jetpack and fly to your local supermarket, you may have a choice to make: Meat from real animals, or meat created in a lab.

Mmmm! That sounds really…not appetizing at all.

But this one-year burger isn’t the first meat from the Dutch lab. Food Navigator reports that they’ve already grown pork strips, “whilst fish fillets have previously been grown in a New York laboratory.”

(Was the word “fillets” really necessary in that sentence?)

An Oxford study notes that widespread “in vitro meat production” will consume much less energy while reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of conventional farming by as much as 95 percent.

In addition, the world’s meat consumption is expected to double by 2050, so “lab meat” may be an inevitable part of our future.

They’re going to have to step up production though. One burger per year is not going to cut it.

“Man-made meat may be just around the corner, say scientists” Nathan Gray, Food Navigator, 6/28/11,

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