For good health, have yourself a good cry

I never really understood the concept of a “good cry.”

But now science shows there is such a thing.

Our bodies produce three types of tears: basal tears, irritant tears, and emotional tears.

Each of these tear types plays an important role. Basal tears lubricate your eyeballs. Irritant tears clear away dust and other debris.

But don’t make the mistake of assuming that emotional tears are trivial.

When stress hormones build up, they can reach toxic levels that weaken your immune system. But emotional tears contain significant levels of these hormones, which means the tears literally wash stress out of your body.

That’s why a fully-committed emotional crying jag can actually be healthy.

When it all gets too much, go ahead and let go. (I’ll try…)

“Tearful Serenity: Crying Away the Stress” Nomi Kaim, Serendip, Bryn Mawr College, 1/14/08,

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