A sure way to keep kids from ever picking up that first cigarette

Have you seen the ghoulish new warning labels that will soon be appearing on cigarette packages?

They’re like shots from a Zombie invasion movie! Decrepit lungs…disfigured mouths…run for your life!

I’m glad I don’t smoke anymore. I’d hate to look at those images everyday. And that’s what’s going to happen. Most smokers will just get used to seeing hideous photos and go right on smoking.

And kids? I think the images will also have very little effect on most middle school and high school students. Remember how invincible we all were then?

No, you’re going to have to convince them another way…

They should tell the girls they’ll be ugly, and tell the boys they’ll be impotent.

Then stand back and watch the rate of underage smoking plummet!

“FDA reveals bigger, graphic warning labels for cigarette packages” Saundra Young, CNN, 6/21/11, cnn.com

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