A woman's touch is more powerful than you might imagine

If you’re talking to a female salesperson and she reaches out and briefly puts her hand on your bicep, or your forearm, or she simply shakes your hand, just go ahead and sign on the dotted line because it’s over, you’re cooked, the deal is done.

That’s the conclusion of two different marketing studies from Columbia University.

When subjects were asked to choose between a safe investment and a risky investment, those who were made to feel comfortable were much more likely to go with the risky choice–especially if they were touched by a woman who explained the choices.

And yes, these same results occurred with subjects of both sexes, not just men.

The leader of the study told Reuters Health, “If you’re a doctor, or are in sales, this is a form of communication you might want to keep in mind.”

And I would add to that: Keep it in mind ESPECIALLY if you’re a doctor. Not so you can sell a patient on a therapy, but so you can avoid manipulation by drug sales reps. Because invariably, drug reps are young, good looking, and motivated. And most of them are women.

And if they reach out for that easy little touch…

You might end up prescribing Lipitor to treat the common cold and Prilosec to get rid of hiccups.

“Female touch can influence decisions, behavior: study” Karina Ioffee, Reuters Health, 5/13/10, reutershealth.com

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