The secret to true and lasting weight loss really does come in a little bottle

You’ve tried everything, but nothing works.

But you can lose all the weight you want, quickly, and keep it off for good.

Whether you want to lose ten pounds or fifty, this proven solution will get you there fast… and keep you there.

The answer comes from HSI panelist Dr. Hyla Cass, who’s seen this product work for many patients and friends. They came to her feeling desperate and frustrated, as diet after diet failed. And though many were skeptical at first, they came back to her grateful… and many pounds lighter.

Reshape your body in just 26 days

Believe it or not, in just a few weeks time, you could have the body you’ve always dreamed of.

The life-changing secret comes in a tiny bottle. Tiny, but very powerful. So powerful that you could reshape your body in just 26 days.

It works by targeting a specific kind of fat, so you lose the right kind of weight without feeling hungry, tired or deprived.

The secret is Amino Acid Enhanced Homeopathic hCG drops. And this blend of one highly effective hormone and four carefully selected amino acids is the one weight loss aid you can count on to take off those stubborn excess pounds once and for all.

The pounds simply melt away with the hCG plan

Back in the 1950s, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons figured out that tiny doses of the hCG hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin, normally only produced by pregnant women) could help men and women lose weight and inches—especially in those particularly troublesome areas, the stomach, thighs, hips, and buttocks. He developed a protocol that involved hormone injections and a strict diet plan, and millions of people have used that to lose weight. But it’s very expensive, and involves daily trips to the doctor’s office.

With this homeopathic formula, you get all the power of hCG without the injections, and without the very high cost. But you do need to follow the diet plan in order for the hCG drops to work their magic.

For the main portion of the protocol, lasting 21 days, you have to carefully follow a specific 500-calorie diet. Now I know what you’re thinking: Anyone would lose weight eating just 500 calories a day, so what’s the point of the drops?

The hCG drops make a world of difference. First, it’s nearly impossible to sustain a 500-calorie diet without them. And if you did manage to scrape up the willpower to do that, you’d probably feel like you were starving… not to mention deprived, exhausted, weak, and drained. Second, the hCG works directly on a specific kind of fat, so you lose the right kind of weight (all fat, no muscle) to reshape your body for the better.

Best of all, this happens fast. In fact, Dr. Cass has seen people lose from ten to twenty pounds in just a few weeks using these very Amino Acid Enhanced Homeopathic hCG drops.

Four amino acids boost the weight loss power

Unlike other hCG protocols, this homeopathic formula contains four carefully chosen amino acids. This specific combination works to improve your blood flow, increase the fat-burning powers of the hCG, and keep your spirits up.

The formula contains homeopathic versions of:

• Tyrosine

• Tryptophan

• Glutamine

• Glycine

Each of the amino acids contributes unique properties that will help you lose weight without breaking a sweat. And while research done on these nutrients has been on full-strength forms, Dr. Cass believes (based on her clinical experience) that the homeopathic versions retain the same properties.

Tyrosine has been shown to increase energy production and reduce fatigue—two very important factors when you’re dieting. This amino acid has also been shown to ease anxiety and depression, and improve mood. That’s because tyrosine is a precursor to some hormones (like thyroid and dopamine), so it helps keeps hormones in balance.

Tryptophan may play a key role in dieting. One study found that this amino acid appears to increase the appetite for protein while decreasing carbohydrate cravings. 1 Tryptophan also may help you sleep easier (as anyone who’s indulged in a turkey dinner knows).

Glutamine also appears to reduce carbohydrate cravings, possibly because it serves as an energy source for the brain. 2 This nutrient has also been shown (in animal studies) to support muscle growth. 3 And glutamine can also impact your brain, helping you stay alert and in a good mood.

Glycine helps soothe anxiety. This amino acid is also involved in the release of insulin and glucagon, which can regulate the amount of glucose in your blood stream. This can help make sure you have plenty of energy, and won’t feel the fatigue often associated with low-calorie diets.

The three-phase weight loss cycle helps you keep those pounds off for good

There are three (well, sort of three and a half) phases to the hCG weight loss protocol.

1. During phase one, you’ll use the hCG drops. This phase starts with a loading stage (that half phase), then changes to the strict diet following stage—and you’ll use the drops the whole time.

2. Phase two helps maintain your new weight without the drops while your body adjusts to its new set point.

3. Then phase three kicks in, where you’ll transition to a more normal diet for your new low weight.

Each phase lasts for about three weeks (with phase one possibly taking a little longer).

Phase One: Starting the hCG drops

You’ll start your hCG diet plan with two “loading” days, where you’ll literally need to flood your body with high calorie, fatty foods. Sounds like the exact opposite of what you’d expect, but your body needs that intake in order for the hCG to do its job properly.

When you use the drops, tap the bottom of the bottle into the palm of your hand about ten times. That activates the homeopathic action of the formula. You’ll very carefully put ten drops under your tongue three times a day: morning, noon, and night. Let those drops dissolve (which takes about a minute), then wait at least fifteen minutes before you eat or drink anything (that includes brushing your teeth).

For those first two loading days, eat as much as you can, especially of those fatty, calorie-rich foods.

Then on day three, the 500-calorie diet starts. You’ll keep taking the hCG drops the same way, but your eating will change dramatically. For one thing, no more breakfast. For that morning meal, you can drink calorie-free liquids like water, coffee, and tea. In fact, Dr. Cass encourages you to drink a lot of water, throughout the day.

Your five hundred calories are split between lunch and dinner. And while you may expect to feel ravenously hungry, that simply won’t happen. Your body will pull all the additional calories you need to get through the day from fat stores, thanks to the hCG. Dr. Cass says that many people actually struggle to eat the full 500 calories because they just don’t feel hungry—but you have to eat according to the plan, even if you aren’t hungry.

Keep this up, the diet and the drops, until you’ve reached your weight loss goal or for forty days, whichever comes first. It’s critical to stop after forty days, because your body will build up a sort of immunity to the hCG, and it loses its effectiveness. If you want to lose more weight, you can begin a second cycle after you complete phase three. Many people find that they are able reach their weight loss goals by day 24.

Stick to the plan for maximum results—and you’ll see them right away

Two things you need to know before getting started. One, taking more drops than the recommended dose won’t make it work faster. And two, adding in even just a few more calories or changing the approved foods list can make your hard work less effective, and make it much harder to hit your weight loss goals.

When you follow the plan to a tee, though, it will change your body to metabolize excess fat, and that translates to losing pounds and inches.

Luckily, phase one is pretty short, and the weight loss during it will be dramatic. You will definitely see big results when you stick to the plan—and you’ll see them right away.

Maintain your new, lighter shape in Phase II

As soon as you get to the second phase (which kicks in as soon as you hit your goal weight or have been using the drops for 40 days), stop using the hCG drops. You may still not feel very hungry, so it’s all right to stick with the low calorie diet for a few more days.

Now, though, you can (and should) start adding more foods back into your daily diet—and the easiest way to do that is to start eating breakfast again. The only things you really want to keep avoiding are sugars and starches, as these may pack the pounds back on very quickly. You’ll want to start consuming at least 1,500 calories per day now to maintain your new ‘normal’ weight.

Remember, continuing with the drops after the forty-day mark can backfire, and cause you to start rapidly gaining back the weight you’ve worked so hard to lose.

Congratulations! Phase three is all about the new thinner you

In this final phase of the hCG weight loss program, your body has finally gotten used to its new set-point weight. Now you can relax, and eat normally once again. You can start gradually adding sugars and starches back into your meals.

And if you still have some more weight to lose, you can start the cycle all over again after you’ve been off the hCG drops for a full six weeks. This six week hCG-free period is a resting phase for your body, which you need to make sure you no longer have any immunity to the hormone.

Watch the pounds melt away and stay away with homeopathic hCG drops

Amino Acid Enhanced hCG drops can help you reshape your body and see those extra pounds disappear once and for all. In just a few short weeks, you could be looking at a brand new, much smaller, you. The recommended dose is ten drops applied sublingually, three times per day. The drops work best in conjunction with the hCG diet plan.