Outrageous! FDA shuts down production of non-drug cancer therapy

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For several years now I’ve been telling you about the slow- but-sure advances in research of intravenous ascorbic acid (IAA) to treat cancer. And during those years we’ve seen a growing acceptance of the KNOWN FACT that mega-doses of vitamin C effectively kill some types of cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact.

Imagine what that means! This is potentially a natural, affordable “chemotherapy” that makes patients feel better, rather than reducing their poor bodies to shrunken shells.

Now imagine what that means to Big Pharma and their BFFs at the FDA.

So it shouldn’t surprise you that FDA hacks–I’m sorry– “officials”– took the first step toward completely banishing one of the most promising (I would say THE most promising) non-drug cancer treatments.

Pure evil or simple, pin-headed bureaucrats? Wait! Don’t decide yet.

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Of course, we’ve speculated all along that drug companies must despise IAA. The math is pretty simple: Widespread use of IAA would make many outrageously expensive cancer drugs obsolete.

But in the Big Pharma marketplace, cash flow always wins out over the needs of patients. And as we’ve seen time and again, FDA lackeys always seem to be happy to play ball with drug industry Big Kahunas, while stepping over the little guys.

Earlier this month, the FDA ordered family-owned-and- operated McGuff Pharmaceuticals to stop making and distributing IAA. According to a warning letter sent to McGuff by the agency, “You manufacture and market unapproved new drugs in violation of sections 505(a) and 502(f)(1) [21 U.S.C. §§ 355(a) and 352(f)(1)] of the Act.”

While the moron that sent it is just doing his job, printing out and mailing this particular form letter denies dying patients the treatment that might save their lives — or at least help ease their suffering.

Representatives for the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) spoke with FDA officials and reported that “the FDA has gone through an internal process whereby they determined injectable vitamin C to be an unapproved drug.”

Oddly, there seems to be no rhyme or reason for the FDA to be taking this action right now. IAA has been used by alternative health care doctors for years. Nevertheless, ANH reports that the Acting Director of the FDA has said that other companies that produce IAA would be subject to similar orders to shut down production. (So far only McGuff has been targeted.)

The ANH speculates that the FDA might be testing the waters with McGuff, and that we have a chance to get them to “rethink” their strategy with a loud public outcry.

No matter what their mission statement says, the FDA works for Big Pharma, not for you and me. So that sounds like long shot optimism to me. But right now it seems to be the only shot we have to help keep IAA available for the suffering patients that need it most.

So while you’re online, send an e-mail to the FDA demanding they rethink their assault on this very promising therapy.

Address your e-mail to consumer@fda.gov. You can use a subject line such as “Allow intravenous vitamin C.” And in the body of the e-mail, state that the FDA should continue to allow the manufacture of intravenous ascorbic acid–a therapy that’s shown remarkable cancer-fighting potential in many case studies–so that it will be available when they or their loved ones need it.

And if you have friends and family who also don’t want their access to promising natural therapies ripped away by a bunch of bureaucrats doing Big Pharma’s dirty work, please ask for their help too — or send them this e-mail.

We need to make everyone we know aware of the promise of IAA and how close it is to being taken away from the people who need it most.

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