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Prepare your taste buds for a wild new year

This is “an exciting time for flavor!”

But then, that news comes from giant spice-maker McCormick. And they have a tendency to get excited about flavors.

According to a recent McCormick press release there’s a “new flavor confidence” in America. The evidence: The U.S. now consumes more than one billion pounds of spices each year.

Obviously McCormick is feeling confident about our new flavor confidence. So they’ve just released a Flavor Forecast for 2011. And it’s looking pretty tasty.

And also a little baffling.

McCormick predicts that a leading trend this year will be ‘craveable contrasts” that will “really take the taste buds to exhilarating new places.” But some of these “flavor pairings” are hard to imagine:

  • Caramelized honey and adzuki red beans
  • Mustard seed and vermouth
  • Herbes de Provence and popcorn
  • Green peppercorn and goat’s milk

Interesting. And I might like to try those flavors. But I sure hope none of them show up at Ben & Jerry’s.

I’m not feeling THAT flavor confident.

“McCormick® Flavor Forecast® 2011 Announces Top Flavors for the Coming Year” McCormick press release, 12/2/10,