Spooked about Halloween safety? The FDA wants to help

Want to really scare people this weekend? Dress up as an FDA official for Halloween. Talk about scary!

But before you make any firm costume commitments, you can go to fda.gov for some Halloween safety tips.

Yes, this is the agency with a budget that’s chronically “stretched too thin” to ensure food and drug safety. But Halloween safety? Oh sure! They’ve got plenty of time and money for that.

Their primary tip is for eyesight safety: Don’t use decorative contact lenses that make your eyes glow in the dark or look like cats’ eyes. Using lenses like this without an eye examination and prescription is very risky for your eyesight.

That’s a good tip. But if you’re the kind of person who would seriously consider putting glowing pieces of plastic in your eyes, are you really going to check the FDA website for safety tips?

Beyond that, many of the tips just sound like a nagging mom:

  • Make sure your costume is not too long–you might trip on it
  • Wear makeup and a hat rather than a mask that can obscure your vision
  • Wash apples before bobbing for them

You know who needs these tips? Children who live completely alone with no adult supervision. In other words, virtually NO ONE!

But if you read the FDA safety suggestions and you’re still stumped for a costume this weekend, here’s an idea: Go as a drug company executive. And you only have to make one stop. Ring the doorbell of FDA headquarters in Silver Spring, MD.

Believe me, you’ll get all the treats you could ever want.

To Your Good Health,

Jenny Thompson

“‘Lucky 13’ Tips for a Safe Halloween” FDA, 10/20/10, fda.gov

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