If you can't beat pigweed, you can always eat it

If you’re trying to grow corn or cotton, pigweed is a serious threat.

As I mentioned in “Killer Weeds,” pigweed is a very stubborn, fast-growing superweed that thrives, even when drenched with Roundup herbicide, made by the agribusiness giant Monsanto.

But if you can’t beat pigweed, you can always eat it.

An HSI member named Steve writes: “I find this article on pigweed fascinating. This ‘weed,’ also known as lamb’s quarter, is a member of the spinach family and is one of, if not the most, mineral rich plant food in the US. It is a superfood. It also tastes good and can be prepared just like spinach. Go figure.”

Steve is absolutely right. In fact, you can even purchase seeds to grow pigweed, which is sometimes called wild spinach goosefoot.

One man’s pest is another man’s feast.

Speaking of pests, a member named Richard has another kind of pest information to share: “If HSI readers would like more information about Roundup and its maker, Monsanto, they can watch The Future of Food’ on Hulu.com. Just type the title into the search box. Monsanto really isn’t a very nice company (and I’m being extremely polite here).”