Get all the power of the grape without wine or grape juice

“I get it,” my friend Stacy told me.

She had just read the e-Alert that explained why red wine is healthier than grape juice. (It’s the “must”–that’s what winemakers call the skins, seeds, even the stems of red grapes used in the winemaking process. Meanwhile, yeasts used in the process actually feed on and eliminate the sugars in grape meat.)

So she gets it, but… “I just don’t like red wine. So if I can’t get those benefits from grape juice, what do I do?”

One word: and it’s not resveratrol.

It’s Powergrape.

As I’ve mentioned before, red grapes contain high levels of flavonoids, which are compounds with powerful antioxidant activity. Powergrape is a standardized grape extract designed to deliver a potent concentration of flavonoids with an important plus: high bioavailability. Which means your body eats it up like a sponge.

And then the benefits begin…

A 2008 study showed that flavonoids significantly reduce inflammation, which is a major factor in many chronic health problems. And research published the following year showed that Powergrape may actually protect cells from damage during exercise and help your muscles recover faster.

So if a Shiraz is not your cup of tea, Powergrape is a great way to get the benefits…without the hangover.

To Your Good Health,

Jenny Thompson