Herbal remedies calm restless legs

Do your legs want to dance at exactly the time you want to settle down?

Those who cope with restless leg syndrome know what I’m talking about.

A syndrome is a pattern of symptoms that underlie a disease, so calling restless legs a syndrome might be overstating it a bit. Nevertheless, if you often get an uncontrollable jumpy feeling in your legs, you don’t really care what it’s called, you just want it to stop!

Maybe an HSI member named Don can help.

Don writes: “Restless Legs – a nasty affliction. It can be remedied instantly by a naturopathic preparation ‘prickly ash & ginger,’ 2.5 mls in water.

“Prickly Ash is a tree of North America. For the preparation the bark is ground finely and a Ginger juice added. It is a strong mixture and most efficacious. I should know from past experience.”

If prickly ash and ginger don’t work, you can try an herbal formulation called Leg Relaxer, which we told you about in the July 2009 HSI Members Alert. But always check with your doctor or an experienced herbalist before trying an herbal treatment.