Ramping up the caffeine content of candy

A friend of mine named Amy has uncovered a new trend: candy, all hopped up on caffeine.

In an e-mail, she wrote: “Butterfinger Buzz…all the caffeine of leading energy drinks. I kid you not…”

Amy provided a link that took me to a candy review on a website called Candyblog. According to candy-lover Cybele May, Butterfinger Buzz doesn’t have quite the same flaky peanut center as a normal Butterfinger, but it does deliver what the wrapper promises: the same amount of caffeine as the leading energy drink. That’s 80 mg of caffeine – same as an 8-ounce Red Bull.

Other caffeinated candies reviewed on Candyblog include Snickers Charged and Twix Java. And if you’re willing to venture away from familiar brand names, there are plenty of juiced up confections:

  • Coffeebeat
  • Pocket Coffee
  • Trader Joe’s Espresso Chocolate
  • Caffe Acapella
  • Theo 3400 Phinney Bars
  • Green & Black’s Espresso Chocolate
  • Black Black gum

The caffeine candy I find most intriguing is Loud Truck Energy Gummies. The packaging carries a photo of a truck decked out with giant loudspeakers. Inside, honey-colored gummy bears pack 32 mg of caffeine, along with vitamins C, B, and taurine (an amino acid found in many energy drinks).

Loud Truck just might take you where you want to go.