Fibromyalgia Is Bad Enough Without Savella

Next week, fibromyalgia sufferers – desperate for relief – may be facing a new threat, one more insidious than the disease they’ve been fighting.

You see, on April 28, new fibromyalgia drug Savella will hit the pharmacy shelves – a boon for Forest Labs, but a potential nightmare for patients.

The company’s own ‘Medication Guide’ for patients is a 2-page primer on suicidal thought and actions…and it only gets worse from there…

The prescribing information for Savella starts with a black box warning, followed by a list of EIGHT warnings and precautions which include seizures, liver damage, and abnormal bleeding. These special warnings come in addition to the laundry list of known adverse reactions, which range from vomiting and insomnia to chest pain and hypertension. And this is before the drug has been sold in even a single pharmacy, before we have any idea what the long-term side effects might be.

Bottom line: Don’t let your desperation for relief lead you to try this risky new medication – especially when you’ll find several safe natural remedies to treat the debilitating symptoms of fibromyalgia, right in the HSI Cures Library.