Avoid the flu without a flu shot

Avoid the flu without a flu shot

Here’s something the CDC would rather you didn’t know: The flu shot can actually be dangerous.

When HSI researcher Michele Cagan went searching through the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, she came up with these surprising numbers linked to the flu vaccine: 203 deaths

  • 797 life-threatening events
  • 260 permanent disabilities
  • 2,980 hospitalizations
  • 405 prolonged hospitalizations

But here’s the astonishing part: Those are not the totals for all the years the flu shot has been given, those are for just one year – 2007.

I sent that information to you a few months ago in the e-Alert “Trying to Reason With Flu Season” (3/13/08), along with a number of tips about how you can avoid the flu by supercharging your immune system without a flu shot.