Truth about fluoridation of water goes mainstream - finally!

Truth about fluoridation of water goes mainstream – finally!

For years now I’ve been telling you about the drawbacks, dangers, and ethical gray areas in the fluoridation of public water in the U.S.

Finally, it appears the mainstream is getting a clue and catching on.

A recent Wall Street Journal article notes that among industrialized nations, the U.S. scores among the highest in rates of dental fluorosis.

Chronic overexposure to fluoride causes dental fluorosis, a discoloration of teeth that can also cause pitting of tooth enamel, which (brace yourself for the irony) often leads to tooth decay. In the worst cases, dental fluorosis can cause teeth to become so brittle they actually crumble.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers water fluoridation one of the great public health successes of the 20th Century. But in 2005 the CDC reported that more than 30 percent of American children have some level of dental fluorosis.

To anyone who’s been paying attention to these trends, it should come as no shock that a study published this year in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives confirms that fluoride exposure interferes with the natural production of tooth enamel.

Now for the BAD news…

A report from the National Research council suggests that patients with kidney ailments may be at greater risk of fluoride’s damaging effects on teeth and bones. The National Kidney Foundation discontinued support of water fluoridation after that report was published.

Here in the 21st Century, it looks like the days may be numbered for this 20th Century “success.”

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