Forbidden Cures: Proven Natural Treatments the Medical Establishment Won't Let You Have

Forbidden Cures: Proven Natural Treatments the Medical Establishment Won’t Let You Have

The medical mainstream wants to keep you in the dark.

In fact, your own doctor might lose his license just for telling you about certain medical breakthroughs that are legally considered “strictly off limits.”

I know this first-hand, because that’s exactly what happened to my personal physician, Dr. Benjamin Ross. Yesterday I sent you a special notice to tell you about Dr. Ross’ work, and I’m telling you about it again today because I don’t want you to miss out on an extraordinary one-time-only free offer.

Despite the fact that Dr. Ross is the most gifted healer I’ve ever known, the Maryland medical board stripped him of his license – and his livelihood – for the “crime” of practicing life-saving natural medicine (they called it “substandard medicine”). And all of this was done without a single patient complaint against him.

But Dr. Ross didn’t take this injustice lying down. He’s been fighting it every day. Finally, he decided to take his fight out of the hearing room by writing an explosive tell- all book. Here are just a few of the breakthrough cures he’s exposing:

  • Total remission for half of all cancer patients (Chapter Two)
  • Diabetes defeated — one woman got off insulin in just 6 weeks…after 9 YEARS on the drug! (Chapter Four)
  • The real answer to arthritis…dump your painkillers (Chapter Seven)
  • A one-stop solution to nearly every heart problem (Chapter Five)
  • The black-listed cancer treatment from the same man who discovered vitamin C (Chapter Three)
  • An astonishing natural secret that melts away migraines in 6.5 minutes (Chapter Fifteen)

And that’s just scratching the surface. Dr. Ross’ book “Forbidden Cures: Proven Natural Treatments the Medical Establishment Won’t Let You Have” includes 16 chapters with answers to everything from Alzheimer’s to prostate issues to cataracts.

But it’s too important to just sling up on Amazon and hope people take notice. That’s why HSI is working with Dr. Ross to make his book available to you completely FREE.

It’s true – you can receive a free copy of “Forbidden Cures” – no strings attached. HSI is paying for the printing, handling and even the postage. All you have to do is say “yes” to your complimentary copy of this incredible resource.

As you can imagine, we can’t afford to leave this offer open for long. That’s why, to claim your free book, you must click here to sign up before midnight, Eastern Time, on Wednesday, October 29, 2008.

I’ve learned first-hand how much the medical establishment is hiding from us. And I want to make sure you understand how much valuable health information is being hidden from you. Please request your free copy of “Forbidden Cures” right now…before it’s too late.

Dr. Ross changed my life, and I believe the information he has for you can change yours too.