An HSI member's remarkable experience treating cancer with vitamin C

An HSI member’s remarkable experience treating cancer with vitamin C

You may have heard that the Greatest Generation is on the wane, but you’d never know it by this e-mail, received from an HSI member named Bob…

“I had an emergency operation to remove a colon cancer in 1982. Only previous symptom: a slight cough; but then woke up with a distended belly and a fever of 104. Surgeon who removed it, found that the cancer had broken the colon, causing its contents to be spread through the body cavity, causing the fever.

“Two days later, the oncologist was at my bedside to set up a course. I told him I was going to assume a Nobel Laureate in Biochemistry (Linus Pauling) probably understood the subject, so I was going to take his advice for post cancer action: massive Vitamin C and no chemotherapy. The Doc said, ‘You’re risking your life.’ Told him I was used to that, having fought ground combat in two wars (2 Purple Hearts), so I went ahead.

“Zero recurrence, though I had routine colonoscopies for fifteen years after to check. So far as I know, my surgeon was the only member of the medical establishment to take any interest in my action. He was delighted at my quick and complete recovery from the operation.

“Since 1965, I have taken an absolute plethora of vitamins and herbs, including about every one ever widely recommended. I am now 88 and in good health, still working.”

I trust that Bob had access to a good alternative health care physician who was able to closely monitor his progress while also administering intravenous ascorbic acid – the only vitamin C treatment that’s effective against cancer.

In any case, you’ve got to admire the staying power of Bob’s independent spirit.