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Genetic engineering may create skimmed-milk-producing cows

Genetic engineering may create skimmed-milk-producing cows

According to scientists in New Zealand, we’re just five years away from cows that will produce skimmed milk.

That’s right – skim – straight out of the cow.

In a NutraIngredients-USA report, the scientists add that among New Zealand’s four million bovines there are already cows that “contain genes that could be used to make them produce only skimmed milk.”

Just how those genes might be manipulated to skim off milk fat before it exits the cow isn’t explained. Care to bet there’s some genetic engineering going on here?

Of course, it’s not as if consumers have been demanding new cow varieties that will bypass the process that produces skim milk. This innovation will be a boon only for dairy farmers who will probably have to charge more for milk that comes from the uniquely bred cows.

My favorite comment on skimmed milk heifers is this one from HSI researcher Michele Cagan: “When they come up with a gene to make them produce chocolate milk, I’ll get excited.”

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