Thermography is the safer choice for breast cancer screening

Thermography is the safer choice for breast cancer screening

An HSI member named Gino knows a thing or two about the right and wrong way to screen for breast cancer.

Gino writes: “It would be helpful for us if you told your readers about breast thermography. It uses no X-rays, no compression. The technology reads tissue heat differences.

“Thermography is able to detect incipient angiogenesis 5 to 10 years before the tumor forming shows up on a mammogram X-ray.”

Good suggestion, Gino.

Actually, I first told you about the use of thermography to detect breast cancer several years ago, but a reminder is always useful for those who may have missed it.

For more information about thermography (also known as digital infrared imaging – DII), or to find a qualified DII breast cancer screener in your area, you can visit the International Academy of Clinical Thermology website at

But Gino adds this important note: “There is usually no reimbursement by HMO’s or usual insurance.”

Hopefully, we’ll see that insurance situation change in the near future. In the meantime, you can read about thermography and two other safe and effective mammogram alternatives in the e-Alert “and 4” (8/6/03).