Rosehips may reduce osteoarthritis pain

Rosehips may reduce osteoarthritis pain

If you’ve been experiencing osteoarthritis pain, and if you know a good herbalist, give him a call and ask him about a new study from Denmark.

Flavonoid-rich rosehip extracts from the dog rose have been shown to have an anti- inflammatory effect that relieves osteoarthritis pain. So a group of Denmark researchers recently conducted a meta-analysis of three randomized, placebo-controlled trials that tested the extracts on osteoarthritis patients.

Nearly 300 subjects with osteoarthritis participated in the three studies, and the trial periods ran an average of three months. The Denmark team determined that subjects who received rosehip extracts reduced their pain scores by nearly 40 percent on average compared to placebo.

It should be noted that Hyben-Vital International – a company that produces rosehip extracts – sponsored all three of these studies. But according to the meta-analysis authors, these are so far the only placebo-controlled studies that have observed the effects of rosehip on osteoarthritis.

Talk to your doctor (ideally a doctor who’s knowledgeable about herbs) before using rosehip extract to treat osteoarthritis pain.
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