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Antioxidants may protect hearing

Antioxidants may protect hearing

If your guinea pig is suffering hearing loss from too much exposure to jet engines, a few antioxidants might help. And they might help you too.

In a study from the University of Michigan Hearing Research Institute, guinea pigs were given a mix of antioxidants – vitamins A, C, and E, along with magnesium – one hour before exposure to a decibel level comparable to a jet engine taking off. The antioxidants were continued for five days after the high decibel exposure.

When the animals’ hearing was compared to guinea pigs exposed to the same decibels but without the aid of supplements, researchers found that the antioxidant group experienced significantly less hearing loss.

Could humans also reap the same benefits from the antioxidant mix? The Michigan team will find that out in the next phase of their research in which the antioxidants will be tested on soldiers who are exposed to high decibel levels during training.

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