Relief for ringing in the ears

Relief for ringing in the ears

Can you stop the ringing in your ears with a pill?

An HSI member named Richard – who has the ear-ringing condition known as tinnitus – writes with a question about something he saw on television.

“The head man of the medical profession said that the government scientists found a cure for this ringing in the ear and it could be as simple as a pill. Has anybody heard of this and if so what web site can one go to? I’ve tried everything I can think of with no luck.”

I doubt if government scientists have found a tinnitus “cure” – treatments tend to be hit- or-miss because the origin of tinnitus varies from patient to patient and is often a mystery.

This problem was addressed by HSI Members Alert editor Alicia Potee in the June 2007 issue. In her article, Alicia featured the benefits of VitaEar, a nutritional formula developed by BioLogic Health Solutions of Australia. Knowing that a tinnitus treatment would need to be comprehensive, BioLogic researchers collected 10 vitamins and four minerals that are essential for the health of your inner ear.

Here’s an excerpt from Alicia’s article.

“An arsenal of B-vitamins makes up the lion’s share of the ingredient list in VitaEar’s formula, including a complex of B6, B12, thiamine, niacin, folic acid, and pantothenic acid. Research conducted in the last five years suggests that roughly a quarter of subjects who report ringing in their ears are severely deficient in both thiamine (vitamin B1) and B12.

“This research confirms clinical findings that date even further back, which suggest a direct link between B-vitamin therapy and overall neurological (and consequently, auditory) health. In fact, without adequate intake of this class of vitamins, the delicate nerves in your ears simply can’t get what they need for optimal function.

“But that’s not the only type of deficiency that could drastically affect the clarity of your hearing. A diet poor in iron can also contribute to lowered oxygen flow to your head and brain – meaning that it could make the buzzing in your ears worse. That’s why iron is also included in VitaEar-along with three other minerals: magnesium, manganese, and zinc.

“Clinical studies have shown that supplementing with magnesium could actually protect your inner ear from noise-related damage that can lead to both reduced hearing and persistent ringing. Meanwhile, zinc and manganese offer antioxidant support that helps to minimize free radical damage to your ears’ important signaling cells.”

HSI members can find Alicia’s full report at this link:

VitaEar is available only from NorthStar Nutritionals – an HSI affiliate. You can find more information about VitaEar at this link:

Talk to your doctor before using VitaEar to address tinnitus.