"What is eaten in one week around the world"

“What is eaten in one week around the world”

I’m sure most e-Alert readers are more aware of their personal diets, and nutrition in general, than the average Joe. So I think you might be as interested as I was to see a series of photos titled “What is eaten in one week around the world.”

The photos show 10 families, from 10 different countries, and each family is gathered around the groceries they consume each week.

The images are intriguing. They not only illustrate stark cultural differences in eating habits, but they also give us a glimpse of how similar we all are. The body language, the details in home decor, the smiles, and a few grim stares – they add up to a revealing snapshot of the human family.

The series is posted on a web site for Project MANA – a non-profit organization that provides food to the homeless and other people in need who live in the Lake Tahoe area. You’ll find the photos at this link: http://www.projectmana.org/node/3927

To see all the photos at full size, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Printer friendly version.”