A recipe for healthy bones

A recipe for healthy bones

Take some calcium, add some vitamin D, and you get healthy bones. That’s a no-brainer. But how much of each of these nutrients is required daily to be effective?

The answer to that comes from a new meta-analysis in which researchers reviewed nearly 30 trials that involved more than 63,000 subjects over the age of 50.

Results showed that subjects who stuck to a regimen of 1,200 mg or more of supplemental calcium per day and 800 IU or more of vitamin D per day significantly reduced their risk of osteoporotic fractures compared to subjects who received lesser amounts of the two nutrients.

Researchers also found that when this regimen was followed for at least three to five years, bone loss in the hip and spine was reduced.

You can find more information about the effects of calcium and vitamin D on bone health (along with suggestions for other key supplements that will help the cause) in the e-Alert “Two Piece Combo” (6/7/07), available at this link: http://www.hsionline.com/ealerts/ea200706/ea20070607a.html

Talk to your doctor before adding new supplements to your daily regimen.

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