Ready for a second chance?

Ready for a second chance?

A couple of weeks ago, in the e-Alert “Time Out” (11/13/06), I told you about a live, free conference call conducted by HSI Panelist Jon Barron. In that call, Jon discussed a variety of essential detox topics, including:

  • Why you want to detox
  • What to expect
  • How to plan for it
  • Preparations
  • Dealing with special situations
  • The benefits

Just one little problem: Jon’s web site ( experienced technical difficulties at the worst possible time. So while the conference call went on as scheduled, many of you may have been frustrated if you tried to register to participate in the call.

Here’s your second chance.

I just received word from Jon that the call was recorded and you can now listen to it by going to this link:

When you reach that page, scroll down to “Conference Call Recordings” and look for “11-14-06 Jon Barron provides general background on the liver detox.”

The entire call runs about 50 minutes.