I had to laugh

I had to laugh.

You’ve probably heard of Boniva, described as the “first and only once-monthly medication for the management of postmenopausal osteoporosis.” Obviously, the convenient “once-monthly” aspect of the drug is a primary selling point.

And I expect you’ve probably seen the Boniva television ads that feature Sally Field, who was only recently diagnosed with osteoporosis. In fact, Roche Therapeutics (the maker of Boniva) has established a Rally With Sally For Bone Health campaign that (according to a Roche press release) “encourages women to protect themselves against fractures.” Of course, the campaign also encourages women to buy a boatload of Boniva.

Here’s where Sally got a laugh out of me. In one of the ads she says (I’m paraphrasing), “I have a friend who has to put aside time once every week to take her osteoporosis pill.”

Heavens! Once every WEEK? Sally, when does your friend find time to sleep with a crushing pill-taking schedule like that?

I somehow manage to “put aside time” to take supplements with every meal and it’s never an inconvenience. It’s hysterical that Roche is trying to sell us the idea that one pill each week is just WAY too much for our busy schedules.