Discussion: Flu Shot Side Effects

Potential side effects of a flu shot


Can a flu shot trigger bronchitis? In a thread titled “Flu Shot and Bronchitis,” HSI members offer details from their personal experiences.

bbbilly: “I worked in a medical system for around 15 years, and began having annual flu shots around 1991, as they were offered free to employees. It was around that time that I began to have annual bouts of a severe bronchitis, that involved a dry hacking cough that lasted sometimes for 6-8 weeks after all other symptoms had disappeared. I got it every year, no matter how much Vit C, echinacea, or zinc or selenium, etc I took to try to prevent it.”

“I didn’t get the flu shot in 2003, as I was getting ready to exit the system. I had no bronchitis that winter, so decided not to have a shot last winter. I had no bronchitis last winter either. So after thinking that I had chronic bronchitis, after having had it every year for around 10 years, the two years I got no flu shot, I had no bronchitis. Has anyone else had this experience?”

vitaminlover: “I remember running into other people getting sick after getting the flu shot, but then again there are those who it does not affect.so who knows.”

JonB: “I also know many who have become sick after flu vac, and also many who have not. Could be we are all different.”

naturalway: “I got flu shots (mandated by work) in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003. I got bronchitis for the first time ever in 1998 and it was bad, and I have had it almost every year since.”

Allspice: “My Mom has always been fairly healthy, given only a thing or two to deal with in her 83 years. Lately, however, she has been contracting bronchitis-like symptoms and I never made the connection between it and the flu shots. She just started receiving the flu shots about five or six years ago. I don’t know that she has consistently had bronchitis, but I do know that since she now lives near me and I can keep an eye on her more closely, she’s had it every February or so. She lives in a retirement home and they ‘require’ flu shots.”

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