Drug Company Promotion Targets Animated Movie

Drug Company Promotions Reach New Low

This has got to be a first.

Whenever Pixar or Disney release an animated film, you can be sure there will be commercial tie-ins with McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, etc. – along with plenty of toys, books, cereals – the list is endless.

Well, maybe the list just reached the end.

Happy Feet is a new animated movie about dancing penguins. And believe it or not, this kids’ flick has a commercial tie-in to a drug company.

If you don’t believe it (and I wouldn’t blame you), check the web site flufacts.com, which is maintained by Roche Pharmaceuticals. When you open the site, five animated penguins slide into view along with some Happy Feet music and a voiceover that runs through three steps for fighting the flu.

Then the pleasant, female VO wraps it up with this: “So now that you know the steps, take the lead in fighting the flu. And take your family to see the new movie Happy Feet.”

Of course, the site also has information about the flu vaccine and antiviral drugs. Maybe when you fill a prescription for an antiviral, it comes in a Happy Feet bag with a dancing penguin toy inside!

If it did, would you be one bit surprised?