Discussion: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Discussion

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and diverticulitis share some common symptoms: abdominal pain, constipation, and diarrhea. No surprise then that an HSI member named V.I. would like to address these problems before they occur.

V.I.: “Intestinal problems seems to run in the family ie. IBS / diverticulitis. I am searching for a natural remedy?”

Lianna: “I suggested this program for my mom and grandmother when they were having problems with colitis and diverticulosis and flirting with type II diabetes. It has also proven helpful in controlling and reversing macular degeneration. My grandmother had a serious incident of acute diverticulitis and ulcerative colitis. My mom has diverticulosis and had one incident of diverticulitis. They both went on the Elaine Gottschall diet for one year, took the supplements mentioned below, and completely reversed their symptoms. They control their IBS/ diverticulitis with a modified version of the diet. If they become symptomatic, they go back on the diet 100%

“The Elaine Gottschall specific-carbohydrate diet is detailed in her book, ‘Breaking the Vicious Cycle; Intestinal Health Through Diet’. The diet is a specific low-carb diet, designed to deal with overgrowth of pathogenic organisms in the colon, and naturally has a low glycemic index. Many more foods are allowed than in the Atkin’s diet, however. The goal is biological warfare; starving out pathogenic organisms by depriving them of the specific foods that help them flourish, as opposed to Atkin’s general low carb philosophy.

“In conjunction with the diet, support supplements such as cod liver oil, EV olive oil, rice bran oil, butter, coconut oil, coenzyme Q10, Vit K2, Vit E with mixed tocopherols, mixed carotenoids, as well as alpha lipoic acid, Vit C with grapeseed extract and bioflavonoids, selenium, bilberry and a good B-complex and multi-mineral complex and, of course, probiotics, were taken by my mom and grandmother on a daily basis.”

Darlene: “I also went on the Elaine Gottschall diet. That was over 6 yr. ago, as I had IBS, and lymphocytic colitis, and the dr. wanted to do intestinal surgery. I went on the diet, and no surgery at all, and no meds. It improved my fibromyalgia a lot, and the diabetes is kept in check with no meds either. Once you figure all the ins and outs of the diet, it is quite easy to follow. It is pretty healthy, nuts, veggies, fruits, and good oils, meats, fish and homemade yogurt. I lost 65 lb. without trying. The weight has stayed normal now, but if I eat bread or pasta, the lbs. creep on, so I stay away from them.”

Howard: “You may try adding chlorella to your dailies. I’ve had a ‘bad belly’ for most of my life and have tried several things to correct it. Only after I’ve added chlorella, have I seen a ‘normalization of events’, so to speak.”

Be sure to talk to your doctor before starting any new diet or supplement regimen.

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