Abraham Cherrix Update

Update on the Abraham Cherrix case

“Abraham is doing fine.” That’s the assessment of the radiation oncologist who recently treated Abraham Cherrix, the teenager who set off a controversial legal showdown when he refused to undergo a second round of chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s disease.

Last month, a Virginia judge announced that Abraham and his parents had agreed that radiation treatments would be acceptable, if necessary, and that the young man would not have to undergo further chemo. In addition, Abraham continues to take the herbal treatments he started a few months ago after a visit to a clinic in Mexico.

Neither the Cherrix family nor Abraham’s oncologist would discuss exactly what treatments Abraham has undergone over the past month, but last week the doctor told The Associated Press that Abraham’s tumor is “shrinking very nicely” and that he’s gaining energy and stamina.

This is great news, and it made me wonder about Katie Wernecke, the teenager who was subjected to a very similar ordeal in Texas.

According to Katie’s blog, she recently returned home from an extended stay at a clinic where she received what is described simply as “a new alternative cancer treatment.” Clinic officials asked Katie’s father to not disclose details about the clinic or the treatment.

Happily, Katie’s cancer is now in remission. She’s going to school full-time and she’s reported to be in “good health and spirits.”

I’ll continue to report to you about these two young cancer patients who were brave enough to demand their health care rights, even when doctors, courts and child “protection” services conspired against them.

You can read Katie’s blog at prayforkatie.blogspot.com. And Abraham has a web site as well: abrahamsjourney.com.


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