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The coffee debate

Is Coffee Good for You?

Once again, we return to the question: Is coffee good for you, or bad?The latest coffee study adds another check in the “good for you” column.

Using data collected from the Finland, Italy, and the Netherlands Elderly (FINE) Study, European researchers compiled ten years of data collected from more than 670 men who were born between 1900 and 1920. Cognitive function was determined with a standardized test, and coffee consumption was noted throughout the decade.

Results showed that less cognitive decline occurred among subjects who drank coffee regularly compared to subjects who drank no coffee at all. Cognitive decline among non-coffee drinkers was more than four times higher than decline among men who drank three cups each day.

Of course, the results of one observational study don’t justify a change in coffee drinking habits. But the FINE results would seem to help confirm a recent Austrian study that used radiology technology to visually demonstrate that caffeine boosts brain function.