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Abraham Cherrix update

Update on Abraham Cherrix

“Abraham’s Law” is long overdue.

But could a law actually prevent the government from meddling in the treatment choices of young cancer patients like Abraham Cherrix and Katie Wernecke who have not yet reached the age of consent?

With less than three months to go until mid-term elections, any initiatives put forth by politicians have to be taken with a grain of salt. Make that a bag of salt. Nevertheless, it appears that some useful Virginia state legislation may emerge from the Abraham Cherrix situation.

Late last week, two Virginia lawmakers announced plans to introduce legislation that would allow families broader power in managing the healthcare of their children.

Virginia Delegate, John Welch III told the Associated Press that the Cherrix family had no history of abuse or neglect. On the contrary, Abraham’s parents are fiercely devoted to their son, and have fully dedicated the family’s resources to helping him get well.

Delegate Welch: “There was no reason for Social Services to get involved – no reason for the medical community to try to take over parental rights.”

Welch plans to introduce the bill under the title “Abraham’s Law.”

Virginia Senator Nick Rerras, who plans to introduce a similar bill, told the AP that it’s not right to force families into court because they choose medicine “that is not popular or well known or practiced by local physicians.”

Will any of this legislation actually see the light of day after the midterms have come and gone? I wouldn’t bet the farm. But taken at face value, Abraham’s Law might give families some much needed protection when it comes time to make agonizing decisions about healthcare.