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Discussions this week - Improving vision, bilberry and other remedies

Discussions This Week – Vision Health

“Which herb is most popular to support vision health?”

That question – posted in the HSI Healthier Talk community forums – comes from a member named Shawnmichael, who receives helpful responses about nutrients that promote vision health.

Martin: “One of the most popular herbs on the market today, bilberry is an antioxidant known for its reported ability to support vision. Natrol Bilberry Extract utilizes the antioxidant properties of bilberry to support vision health. When you will use bilberry extract then you will see the best result for your vision health.”

Jon: “Yes, Bilberry is one of the main herbs for vision, however, if you use the whole herb, you will get more benefit than the extract. Also use Ginko Biloba.”

Harry: “I agree that bilberry is probably the most popular ‘herb’ that’s used to support vision health. To the best of my knowledge, the vast majority of studies have used standardized extracts – typically with positive results.

“Another herbal extract that is quite popular is called lutein – typically derived from marigold flowers.

“If you’re looking for good, overall vision support, I usually recommend starting with a high-potency multi-vitamin/mineral, a good essential fatty acid supplement (that includes fish oil and/or possibly krill oil) and a vision formula.

“Also, keep in mind that diet can help support ocular health as well. A simple way to support your eyes, through diet, would be to consume a variety of vividly colored fruits and vegetables. Some good examples are: cooked tomato products, avocados, cooked spinach, almost any berry and wild Alaskan salmon. These foods are rich in antioxidants, specifically a class of antioxidants called carotenoids – lutein is one, lycopene and astaxanthin are others. These have all been documented as being especially good for the eyes and many other areas of the body as well.”

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