Stop smoking with ice cubes

“Old saying: If you remember when you quit, you haven’t!”

That insight comes from an HSI member named Howard, and it appears in a Healthy Talk community forum thread titled “Stop smoking with ice cubes.” A member named Jerry starts off the thread by posting a brief article by Junji Takano – a Japanese health researcher – who outlines his simple but “very effective” method for quitting smoking.

Junji writes: “Whenever you want to smoke, just chew a piece of ice cube, then you can perfectly stop smoking. After a week time, you will be a nonsmoker successfully. Tip: Carry a small thermojar with ice cubes in it wherever you go.”

Another tip: If you’re going to chew ice, use only small bits of ice that are already partly melted. Cracking hard ice between your teeth damages tooth enamel and can even fracture teeth.

Chewing ice is just one way to quit smoking, of course. Throughout the Healthier Talk community forums, HSI members have posted techniques they’ve used to put the habit behind them:

  • Liverock: “Philip Day, the well known health researcher, tells how he managed to kick the smoking habit. He carried around a bag of lemons all the time and when he got the urge to smoke, he sucked on a lemon for at least a minute. Within a month his brain had been reprogrammed to associate the craving with a nasty bitter taste and the cravings ceased.”
  • Bluesman: “I quit smoking easily with Smoke-Away as seen on TV. In fact it worked so good that I have stopped and started several times now using it. That is the problem with it for me. When I feel I have had a long enough break and get a slight urge, (most any x smoker will tell you that it never really goes away completely) or stressed it doesn’t take me much to start up again knowing I can easily quit. No other product out there has even come slightly close to helping me quit. You can find Smoke-Away on Ebay.”
  • Bbbilly: “As an ex-3 pack a day Marlboro Man, who quit cold turkey in 1976, the urge has now gone away!! BUT, even 3 or 4 years after quitting, when under stress, I would get the urge. I found that by lighting up, and puffing, but not inhaling, that would satisfy the urge, even before I finished the cigarette.”
  • Cedarchest: “I quit ten years ago by simply drinking purified water, so did my husband. We have known at least 25 other people who have stopped the same way. Drink, drink, drink water all day and flush out the nicotine. Stay away from caffeine and red meat (which contains taurines), as they will spike the urges. Anything that ends in ‘ine’ should be avoided for at least one week, or until you/they feel ready to handle it. It really doesn’t take long to stop wanting a cigarette.”
  • Sabol: “A famous orchestra conductor once said that he smoked his first cigarette when he was 18 and he got his first kiss when he was 18 and hasn’t had time for tobacco since.”
  • Barbara: “When I was 20 my new boy friend whom I was crazy about refused to kiss me if I smelled of cigarette. That was the end of that bad habit over night!”

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