Is gallbladder surgery necessary?

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Is gallbladder surgery necessary? Maybe; maybe not, according to HSI members and one of the most respected doctors in alternative medicine.

In a thread titled “Gall Bladder” in the General Health Topics forum in the HSI Healthier Talk community, a member named Albro explains how a mysterious midnight pain led his doctor to recommend surgery to remove gallstones. After a round of antibiotics completely relieved Albro’s pain, he reconsidered the surgery.

Albro writes: “In my search for facts, I found out MOST people unknowingly have gall stones, never know it and never have a problem with it. So, that led me to come to the conclusion I just may be able to skate out of any possibly unnecessary surgery, despite any good intentions by medical people. So, I cancelled the appointment for the surgery. Smart? Not smart? I really don’t know. It’s been about three weeks since I cancelled. Still feel good and am wondering if any of you might have something similar to my tale to tell and opinions as to what I did. Right or wrong?”

Jo UK: “Albro, if you are OK now, then it must have been a smart move. Whereas, my neighbour had a similar pain, went to hospital and agreed to surgery straight away (she was desperate with pain) and was very pleased that she had surgery. Apparently she had a low grade infection which had been simmering quietly in her gall bladder, and finally the gall bladder tissue became near gangrenous.”

Barbara: “Look into doing a stone flush, commonly called a liver flush. If you get yourself cleaned out and improve the energy to the area you may never have a problem again.”

Guy: “Here’s a long quote from one of the best that you should find informative.”

Following that introduction, Guy has pasted in an article by Jonathan V. Wright, M.D., titled “Food Sensitivity: Often the Hidden Reason for Persistent Problems.” Dr. Wright states that it’s been more than 35 years since he’s referred a patient for gallbladder surgery, based on the research of James C. Breneman, M.D. Here are three excerpts from Dr. Wright’s article.

  • “Dr. Breneman reportedthat gallbladder attacks could be completely avoided by eliminating allergenic foods from the diet. And to date, I haven’t found him to be wrong.”
  • “Dr. Breneman’s original article was published in 1968. And other similar research had appeared in print nearly 30 years earlier. A 100 percent success rate certainly can’t be swept under the rug, or shall we say hidden behind barricaded operating room doorsor can it? It can and it does remain hidden, probably because prevalent medical opinion considers food sensitivity and allergy to be an insignificant cause of illness of any sort.”
  • After describing how he determines which foods trigger adverse reactions, Dr. Wright continues: “That ‘allergy removal’ system, however, doesn’t dissolve or do anything else to gallstones if they’re already formed. Dr. Breneman explains that allergy causes swelling of the bile ducts, slowing or stopping the flow of bile away from the gallbladder. That ‘backing up’ of the bile is what causes the pain. What’s really being stopped are episodes of swelling in the bile ducts, not a gallstone problem. It also suggests why some people have typical gallbladder attacks but x-rays show no gallstones.”

This is a very informative thread with plenty of important insights for those who may be coping with gallbladder problems.

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