Delicate topics: Kids say the darndest things

Sometimes it Just Seems to be Out of Your Hands

You try to feed kids right and make sure they eat nutritious meals, but sometimes it just seems to be out of your hands.

A friend was having lunch with some women she knew and brought along her three-year-old son. He played happily with his toys; lost in his own little world and apparently oblivious to the chatter of the adults who were discussing a somewhat delicate health topic he couldn’t possibly comprehend.

One of the women was talking about how delighted she was that her husband was going to, um, “get snipped.” She had been eager for him to do it for a while and it made her very happy to finally know it would be done.

When it came time to place their orders, my friend asked her son what he wanted to eat. Obviously responding to the other woman’s excitement, he said, “Mommy, I want a vasectomy for lunch.”

Not sure what the nutrition facts on that would read.