Poor vision solution

A natural, safe solution for weak eyesight

HSI e-Alert Special Product Bulletin

HSI took on a tremendous challenge: We set out to find a
natural, permanent solution to poor vision – a solution that
can help free you from eyeglasses, without subjecting you to
strenuous eye exercises or expensive, dangerous, unproven
surgery. Our researchers encountered dozens of vision
treatments and programs, including many that require going
under the knife and many that use awkward eye exercises.

Then we discovered a unique and powerfully effective program
that surpassed our expectations: It painlessly reverses the
cause of such vision problems as near-sightedness, far-
sightedness, astigmatism, poor night vision, crossed eye
(strabismus), lazy eye (amblyopia), light sensitivity,
eyestrain, headache and burning eyes. It can help make your
vision stronger, day by day, until you may no longer need
corrective lenses at all.

And, it’s incredibly fast. In just 8 weeks, for only 20 minutes
a day, this revolutionary at-home program could halt
your weakening eyesight and restore your natural ability to
see clearly-from small print to traffic signs. And there’s no
strain, and no risk to your eyes.

Some who’ve use the program have tossed out their glasses in
as little as five weeks. Now, you can try it out for the full
eight weeks, risk-free.

This program can give you back near-total control of your
vision health. And, it may be among the most important steps
you take to prevent more serious vision decline well into
your 70s, 80s, and beyond.

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To Your Good Health,

Scott Schoberg
Manager HSI e-Alert