Type II diabetes

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Conquer diabetes and slash your blood sugar as much as 54% by eating eggs, pizza, and brownies!

Discover 10 secret ‘super-foods’ in this doctor-proven program


Mrs. S.R. was a retired widow who always thought she’d taken pretty good care of herself. But then her doctor told her she had Type 2 diabetes. Once she got over her fear and even embarrassment, S.R. became determined not to let the disease control her lifeso she found a natural way to control her diabetes. In just three weeks, S.R. noticed a big boost in her energy. Eventually, she beat the disease, stopped taking medication, and began spending more time with her grandkids and traveling to exotic places around the world.

What’s S.R.’s secret?

Wellfirst offshe found a doctor who said, “You can conquer diabetes without drugs and heal your body with the foods you eat.”

In his latest book, The Diabetes Improvement Program: A Doctor’s Handbook for Using Foods and Supplements to Slow and Reverse the Complications of Diabetes, Dr. Patrick Quillin shows you how to use 10 super foods to conquer diabetes naturallywithout the use of drugs or needles. He’s also an award-winning author of more than 15 books that have sold millions nationwide.

With his 7-step program, you too can feel better in just three weeks. Your body will begin to heal itself. You’ll feel energized and get control of your weight. You’ll even begin to see an improvement in your eyesight, circulation, and sense of balance. But most of allyou’ll finally get control of your diabetes. You’ll learn how to:

Normalize your blood sugar

* Boost your energy
* Lose weight
* Eliminate sugar cravings
* Heal cuts faster
* Strengthen your eyesight
* Regain your sense of balance
* Improve circulation

But firstlet’s back up for a moment

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