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This Week in the HSI Forum

“It is not hopeless.”

That’s how one HSI member responds to a question posed in the
HSI Forum about natural treatments for age-related macular
degeneration (AMD, or simply MD). In fact, macular degeneration
is one of the most popular topics on the Forum, with several
threads devoted to discussions on the best way to go about treating
this typical form of vision loss.

In one thread titled “Macular Degeneration,” a member named
Olga writes, “Have just been informed that I have MD. I have
looked up what is needed for the eyes and MD and have been
taking the necessary supplements of Lutein and Zaenthin plus 2
handfuls of many other vitamins.”

Olga is on the right track with her supplements. Lutein and
zeaxanthin are both antioxidant carotenoids that have been shown
to provide excellent vision support. In the e-Alert “Sight for Sore
Eyes” (8/4/04), I told you about two recent lutein studies that
concluded that lutein may not only help prevent AMD, but may
also help improve visual function for those with early and even
advanced AMD.

For most people, supplements will be needed to get the amounts of
lutein and zeaxanthin needed to address AMD. But as a member
who goes by “smcwith3” points out, a diet rich in whole foods
such as raw spinach will help considerably. A member named Joe
notes that Brussels sprouts are good for eyes. And Veronica writes
that, “Purple fruits are very good to help the eyes especially
blueberries.” Other foods that deliver lutein and zeaxanthin include
corn, kiwi, red seedless grapes, orange-colored peppers, celery,
scallions, broccoli, and squash.”

In a thread titled “Electric stimulation for Macular Degeneration?”
a member named Sandy wonders if anyone has any firsthand
information on the use of treating AMD with micro electrical
stimulation of the eye. Units that deliver this stimulation can be
purchased for home use. But the price tag is significant – anywhere
from $300 to well over $1,000. And then there’s the safety issue.

A member named Don – a retired engineer – writes: “Devices that
have lots of settings and capability may be great for an expert, but
they carry the potential for a lot of harm for the uninitiated. In my
experience most MDs do not understand much about the devices
that we engineers prepare for them. There are exceptions, but eye-
sight is something to be very careful with.”

And I couldn’t agree more. Members Tressa and Jo both offer
some research on the use of electrical stimulation for AMD, but so
far no one has come forward with the firsthand knowledge that
Sandy asked for. So if you or someone you know has used this
treatment for AMD, please let us know with an e-mail or by
posting a message on the Forum. We’d be interested to know the
results of this therapy, whether positive or negative.

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To reach the HSI Forum, just go to our web site at, click on “Forum,” and add your voice to
the wide range of topics concerning health care and nutrition.

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