Combining foods for best health benefits

Broccoli Pizza?

Don’t laugh. It might save your life.

In the e-Alert “Home Grown” (7/27/04), I told you about an Italian
study that found the risk of heart attack reduced by more than 50
percent among subjects who ate about 14 ounces of pizza each

Of course, the lycopene in the tomato sauce provides the healthy
pizza ingredient that helps prevent heart problems and cancer.
Now add some broccoli and you’ve got a health powerhouse,
according to research that will be published later this year in the
Journal of Nutrition.

Knowing that both tomatoes and broccoli contain cancer-fighting
compounds, researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana fed
rats a combination of tomatoes and broccoli. Another group of rats
was fed tomatoes, but no broccoli, while another group ate
broccoli, but no tomatoes. Finally, a fourth group ate food that
contained the isolated cancer-fighting nutrients in tomatoes and

The result: Rats that ate tomatoes and broccoli combined had
significantly less prostate tumor growth than rats on any of the
other diets.

Of course, further research is required to find out if tomatoes eaten
with broccoli will provide the same health benefits for humans.
But one thing is certain: a slice of broccoli pizza couldn’t do any
harm (unless you’re allergic to broccoli, as I am – drats!). But it
might do a lot of good.

To Your Good Health,

Jenny Thompson
Health Sciences Institute

“Plant Food combo Offers Higher Cancer Protection”, 7/19/04,