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Antibiotic resistance

This Week In The HSI Forum

Antibiotic resistance presents a challenge for any patient who has an ongoing need to fight bacteria. But what happens when a natural antibiotic is used?

An HSI member named Juanita starts off an HSI Forum thread
titled “Grapefruit Seed Extract” with this comment and question:

“I have used Grapefruit Seed Extract in the past for an infection
with good results, but wonder if I could be creating a resistance
problem further down the road if I don’t take the GSE for a long
enough period of time (such as suggested by prescription
medications). My main issue with the prescription antibiotics is
that they seem to wreak havoc with my system for almost 60 to 90
days after taking them, but I don’t have that particular problem
with GSE.”

In previous e-Alerts, HSI Panelist Allan Spreen, M.D., has
recommended GSE, which he describes as a “natural antibiotic
made from an extract of grapefruit seed, developed from the
observation that something in grapefruit (though not in other citrus
fruits) keeps bacteria at bay for extended periods of time.”

In the e-Alert “Be AfraidBe Very Afraid – Part II” (10/17/02),
Dr. Spreen noted that resistance has not occurred against GSE. A member named Tami has found this to be the case after using GSE for some time. She writes: “I can tell you from my experience, it seems to become more effective as I have used it more. I have recovered from sinus infections withOUT the antibiotics the doctors say you must have to recover from them, and now I regularly use the GSE nose spray and have not had a sinus infection for over a year! For someone who had gotten them 4-5 times a year for about 6 years, this borders on miraculous!”

A member named Graham follows up Tami’s posting with this
question: “Can anyone tell me how to mix and use GSE to combat

Tami’s answer: “For sinus, I buy the nasal spray, then I’m not
worrying about proper mixing.”

For general usage, Dr. Spreen recommends taking GSE in capsule form, following the suggested dosage on the label. He adds, “The full-strength liquid GSE is bitter beyond comprehension, and must be diluted. The advantage of GSE is that there are different forms
available, such as throat spray, ear drops, topical, etc.”

In her initial posting on this thread, Juanita signed off with a
grateful note: “This is my first message on any forum, and was
really encouraged by your generous & sincere responses to
people’s problems.”

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