Antiperspirant alternatives

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The average person may absorb anywhere from 10 to 100 mg of aluminum every day through aluminum cookware, baking soda, antacids, and other sources, including deodorants. And although the cause of Alzheimer’s disease remains unclear, research indicates that aluminum toxicity may be one of the primary culprits.

With this in mind, an HSI member who calls himself SRJD began a thread on the HSI Forum titled “Antiperspirant Alternatives??” SRJD says that he’s tried some natural products that haven’t taken care of perspiration. He asks, “Has anyone found a REALLY good alternative that keeps away the sweat smell besides antiperspirants with aluminum? At this rate, it doesn’t matter that I’ll still have my memory someday because no one will be around me to remember!!”

A member named Michael has a suggestion. He writes, “You might try a “natural” deodorant (not an antiperspirant) which contains tea tree oil.”

And Ani (from the UK) offers this suggestion: “I’ve been using the deodorant stone for a couple of years they cost about 8 but last about a year and work wonderfully with no nasties added. I’d recommend them to anyone.”

In the e-Alert “McMedicine” (6/25/03), an HSI member named Betty noted that the makers of the deodorant stones (which contain alum) state that alum isn’t the same thing as aluminum chlorhydrate. She asked, “Is the deodorant stone a safe alternative or is it just as bad as conventional deodorants?”

Alum is a natural mineral salt, and is unrelated to aluminum chlorhydrate or aluminum zicarnium, the two most common active ingredients in commercial deodorants. But more than just deodorizing, these two synthetic compounds are antiperspirants, which block pores and keep them from doing what they’re supposed to do: perspire. The mineral salts in the deodorant stone kill odor-causing bacteria without blocking perspiration.

A member named Roz has another interesting suggestion for taking care of body odor: “Adding a 30 mg Zinc tablet daily works for me – helps with odor problem. Actually sweat, heavy perspiring is good for us, as it helps to clear out toxins. Best to drink plenty of good water though, and shower/bathe daily, to keep pores clean. Keep your water/sewer bill paid-up!”

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